There are massive efforts on the part of the internet's corporate owners to try to direct it to become a technique of marginalisation and control.

Noam Chomsky

Internet with Flair 

Where quality and a great price
go hand in hand.

Whether you are a simple home user looking for reliable fast access, or a high-end corporation looking for superfast ethernet with ultimate reliability ClubNet can meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

We are able to provide the following internet connections services.

  • ADSL and ADSL2 connections ranging from 256 kilobytes up to 20 Megabytes,
  • Ethernet connections at up to 40 Megabytes up and down for ultimate reliability,
  • Fibre connections for speeds of up to 100 Megabytes down and 40 Megabytes up (Dependant upon NBN rollout in your area).

If you need that 100% guaranteed uptime for your business we can provide the hardware and dual-honed connections through different backbones ensuring you are never off-line.

If you have a domain and need mail services we can provide this service using the latest in-built spam filters meaning 99.99% spam free.

If you need a domain registered, ClubNet can register or renew the domain at very competitive prices. Our 'set and forget' option means we can re-register your domain automatically without you needing to be notified and without the fear of losing the domain back into 'the pool'.

Do you need a web site that has that 'wow' factor, a fully content managed web site, or both. ClubNet can arrange it for you. From small boutique web sites, shopping cart sites to fully managed content systems capable of running large corporate sites, then Clubnet has the solution for you.

Once you have registered the domain and had your web site created, you will want it hosted. ClubNet can provide hosting on the latest IIS servers with a daily backup to ensure data integrity. Both static and non-static addresses are available. FTP sites can be also catered for at reasonable pricing. We even support PHP and Perl for companies looking to port their domains to .ASP over time.

If you need a content management system ClubNet supports an industry standard.NET framework CMS. Written in C+ and with over 10,000 modules capable of being run within the environment, your development costs are minimised as are ongoing development and change costs.

Have a special need or requirement - then contact our friendly staff to discuss the matter.