A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.


David Brinkley

Clubnet International Pty Ltd is a cutting edge technology company, having been founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1991. Clubnet's founder, Mr. Timothy Hannigan, has been extensively involved in the club industry and actively involved in the computerisation of clubs for many years.

Our current operational areas include kiosk manufacture, software and hardware development, internet services and networking.

Clubnet's on-going commitment to product improvement and technical support has seen it steadily grow to become one of the leading software and hardware suppliers in its chosen fields, particularly kiosks and software development.

Over time, Clubnet has formed associations and strategic alliances with other leading companies to provide the highest quality of hardware, and best levels of customer support. We do this by controlling ALL facets of development and production in‑house.

As our customer's needs and requirements have grown, Clubnet has responded to provide the level of aid our clients need on ALL levels of computer and technology issues. The simplest way we do this is to listen to our customer's requirements/feedback and provide products and services that fit their needs. What does this mean to our customers? It means Clubnet can tailor solutions rapidly to fit our customer's needs 100%. Unlike some of our competitors who are reliant upon third parties for hardware and software we can tailor a solution to fit you, the customer, perfectly.

Our mission objectives are to be the best in our chosen fields while at the same time providing value for money thus saving time and increasing income for our customers, clients and owners.

To obtain these mission objectives we have the following goals:

  • To listen to our customers and anticipate their needs and requirements,
  • To exceed our customer'rs expectations,
  • To respect every person's uniqueness and the value of their input,
  • To learn and grow both as individuals and as a company, and enjoy the experience.

A customer recently summed our company up in one sentence.

"I will always use ClubNet - you go that extra mile to make a good product great! Not many companies do that anymore."