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  • Sign-In and Promotions

    Durability with good looks.

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  • Kiosk without plinth

    Versatility and reliability.

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  • Desktop Unit

    Low profile with high end features.

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  • Mini Touch & Pen

    Sign-In & Promotion

    in a micro sized unit.

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  • Desktop Kiosk

    Robust for high volume sites.

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Desktop SignIn System



The low profile sign-in system that combines high end features with an affordable price.

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Internet Services

From home user to high-end
corporation Clubnet can
meet the needs of the
most demanding

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Promotion SignIn Kiosk

Our multi-function kiosk is able to run in desktop mode or on a stand (plinth). With up to 9 separate functions ranging from card swipe, sign-in and football tipping this is a truly versatile and flexible unit.

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